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Meet the Maddy’s Gals!

Maddy’s 390 features an eclectic array of unique and distinct European designers for the girl who has her own style.

Maddy, Owner
Time at Maddy’s: We’ve been at Wheatley Plaza for 15 years.
What Inspired You to Start Maddy’s: I love shopping, finding different products and emerging designers and buying things to curate our little world here.
Fun Fact: Originally, I planned to call the store Style 390 until Mr. Castagna came to me and said, you have to use your name, it’s recognizable and people will remember Maddy’s. So that’s how we came to be Maddy’s 390!
What Do You Love About Working Here: I love our customers. Some customers come here every day just to see, what’s new in today? And others just come in to say hi! I’m so thankful that our customers feel so comfortable here.
Favorite Product: Anything metallic or anything filled with color, because I think it makes people happy.
Loving for Spring: I’m a tie dye girl, I love all things tie dye.
My Motto: Health is wealth!

Ann, Manager
Time at Maddy’s: I’ve been with Maddy since day one, close to 22 years, with 15 at Maddy’s 390 at Wheatley Plaza.
What Do You Love About Working Here: I love working with my bosses. I love all the girls, we’re like a big family! I love the shopping center, it’s so beautiful. It’s a fun job. I’m very lucky and blessed.
Favorite Product: I always think that Maddy buys the best jackets, especially the brand Jaga with the raw-edges and the silks, she’s a cool designer.
Loving for Spring: I love all the pretty silks and going-out tops.
My Motto: Always be honest, always laugh and always have a good time!

Lisa, Associate
Time at Maddy’s: I have been at Maddy’s for about 14 years.
What Do You Love About Working Here: I love the people I work with, I love our customers and I love all the beautiful styles in the store, they’re really fun to sell!
Favorite Product: I love all the beautiful knit cardigans and blazers.
Loving for Spring: I’m looking forward to color and easy dresses for warmer weather!
My Motto: Be happy and help others to be happy.

Ellen, Associate
Time at Maddy’s: 6.5 years
What Do You Love About Working Here: I love everybody I work with, I can’t imagine working anywhere else!
Favorite Product: I love anything from the line, Sunday.
Loving for Spring: All the new jeans and denim pieces coming in from the brand Moussy.
My Motto: The same as Maddy! Health is wealth, I really do believe that.